The Practice

Heleen Posthumus founded De Gooische Praktijk in 2005, believing a personalized offer should be available to everyone that needs psychological support or thrives to develop him or herself. The content, intensity and environment of such a personalized offer should match the client’s personal situation. This will create the most convenient conditions in order to establish a lasting result. Your reasons to visit De Gooische Praktijk for an intake can be diverse: to be liberated of persistent complaints, resolving an emotional experience or wishing to work on personal growth. Moreover, our practice wishes to care for children by offering a parental mediation programme in case of a divorce.

De Gooische Praktijk combines a number of techniques, such as EMDR and Mindfulness. We all have these moments where we find it hard to see reality in the right perspective. You are fine one minute, but upset the next because of a relatively small incident. We can also stay emotional after a very upsetting incident and experience anxiety or depressed feelings. This has to do with our nature, the possibilities given to us by our family in childhood, the warmth and comfort we have experienced when we were young. Depending thereon we have developed coping mechanisms based on how we survived childhood. These coping mechanisms were helpful at the time, but can be quite a hassle now that we are adults. We all recognize situations were our reaction is bolder than the situation actually requires, without feeling in control. We can start breaking habits and getting back control if we understand why we have these kind of automatic reactions.

A psychotherapeutic process will learn to look at ourselves and understand ourselves, getting to know our emotional footprint and experience personal growth. You can consult De Gooische Praktijk for Psychological Guidance, Psychotherapy, Family mediation (specifically developed with the support of children in mind) and Coaching. The practice can be found in Kortenhoef and also has a location in Amsterdam, at Van Baerlestraat 57 sous.

Heleen Posthumus