Welcome to our practice: De Gooische Praktijk.

De Gooische Praktijk was founded in the street Moleneind in Kortenhoef (NL) in 2005. In 2013, another location of the practice opened in Amsterdam. Our practice offers Psychotherapy, Specialized Family Mediation and Coaching. Heleen Posthumus is the Manager of this practice and responsible for the vision and content of the treatments offered.

Our core value is to set up an intake to determine the goals of our agreements together and make sure they match your needs. The key is to establish a clear time-lined schedule enabling to meet our goals in a short period of time. I can help you with this - we can do it together.

The competencies of De Gooische Praktijk cover are broad range of complaints or requests for help. Working on yourself can be inspired by a psychological reason that directly leads to a psychotherapeutical treatment. In this case, you are most likely referred by your GP.

As a registered Child and Adolescent Psychologist, Heleen specializes in treating children up to 18 years old. In addition to treating the troubles these children in the age to 18 deal with, it is essential to offer them a stable and safe environment during this important phase in their development. From this perspective, De Gooische Praktijk has developed a programme for Family Mediation that supports the parents and children and protects children in case of an oncoming divorce: “Kinderen Voorop! (Children First!)!” Heleen is not only a Child and Adolescent Psychologist, but also a registered mediator.

Improving or fixing the outer appearance is very common these days, but personal development of oneself as a person, partner or co-worker is an important part of our ambitions. De Gooische Praktijk offers proven Coaching models for business or private clients.

Feel free to call our practice or e-mail us to find out more about the possibilities. After applying through our website (Coaching), your GP or via Family Mediation in your municipality, you will most likely be scheduled for an appointment within 2 weeks.

Heleen Posthumus