Costs and conditions

Costs and fees
Treatments Psychology & Psychotherapy

The treatments of the Gooische Practice range from short-term, solution treatment (Generalist mental healthcare) to more complex, long-term treatments (Specialist mental healthcare). The short-term treatments for less complex and less serious issues offer treatments based on three products:

  • Short treatment
  • Long treatment
  • Intensive treatment

We speak of specialist care if your problem is more complex and more serious and intensive (psychotherapy) is required. In this case, we propose a treatment for you based on longer and more intensive care in order to achieve the needed results.

During your intake at De Gooische Praktijk we will work out your request for help, the objectives and treatment plan. During this intake, we will also need to establish a mutual connection that enables us to work together in order to follow up on these objectives.

The rates and conditions for the treatments are as follows:


If you are referred by your GP, psychotherapeutic counselling will be reimbursed entirely by your health care provider. De Gooische Praktijk has agreements with all health care insurance companies. The billing will be send directly to the insurer. However, your health care provider can charge the mandatory deductible on your overall health care costs.

Personal Coaching

For a Coaching programme De Gooische Praktijk uses two different rate models. The first interview enables us to determine which model is best suited to the objectives defined by you.

Coaching Hourly rate € 165,- Fee-based Continuous Coaching, from € 300, - per month.

Continuous Coaching is based on a fixed monthly fee enabling Coach and protégé to work together online during the course. A monthly evaluation will take place in order to assess whether the commitment of time and availability of Coach matches the objectives. Please note amounts are excluding BTW/VAT.

Family/ Parenting Mediation

You may enter this programme on referral from your municipality. An additional referral from your GP or district team might be necessary. You can make inquiries considering specialized youth care in your municipality.

Cancellation of appointment

When you have an appointment, time has been reserved for you. May you be unexpectedly impeded, please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. We will ensure to reschedule your appointment for you to be able to visit us as soon as possible. If you neglect to cancel your appointment more than 24 hours in advance, or do not cancel your appointment at all, we are compelled to charge you for the time reserved. Those costs amount to €75,- and will not be compensated for by your health insurance.

Complaints settlement

It may occur that you are not completely satisfied with your treatment or the way your case was handled by our practice. We genuinely appreciate it when you share your concern in order to find a possible solution together. Should we not be able to solve this matter, you may decide to present the complaint to an independent committee. We will then refer you to the LVVP’s Complaints Committee.

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