A temporary phase in which we struggle with the psychological consequences of events in our lives. A direct reason caused by a poignant event -as a result of stress, trauma or unaccepted feelings from the past- that indirectly determines your mood. Many people experience mood swings and a vast majority of us chooses (occasionally advised by their GP) to get support from a psychologist or psychotherapist. De Gooische Praktijk offers psychological and psychotherapeutic treatments that fall directly under the mental healthcare organization GGZ and will provide you with extensive and innovative options to improve your personal wellbeing by getting insight into yourself.

Heleen is convinced that your reaction to events in your direct environment can largely be explained by built-up emotions from the past. It is not a surprise that Heleen has set up her practice close to nature. The basic conditions for a good conversational relationship are trust and a result-oriented, slightly provoking mind-set. Treatment at the Gooische Praktijk means trust and close contact during the treatment period in which we believe intense contact by email, SMS and telephone to be beneficial for the treatment.

Applicants of Psychotherapy experience:
  • Anxiety complaints, melancholy, guilt, shame, loneliness, frustrations
  • Chronic stress, overstrained, burn-out complaints
  • Negative self-image, inability to feel content, not being able to enjoy, perfectionism
  • Problems in interactions with others, relationship problems
  • The idea your are not fully living your life to your wishes, life questions

De Gooische Praktijk has agreements with all health care insurances. They are generally able to compensate your treatment, but make sure to ask our practice whether or not your treatment complies with the conditions of your health insurance.


Personal coaching
Personal coaching at De Gooische Praktijk is continuous; meaning our protégées can count on a coach that is continuously available during their supported programme. The goals and the course are determined in a Personal Plan that is followed by supporting personal conversations, e-mails and texts in order to realize these goals. The situation and defined objectives determine the content of the coaching. This can range from a short, intensive course or a continuous programme that enables the protégée to directly consult the personal coach if desired.

Personal Coaching is a specialized part of De Gooische Praktijk; because of the open and continuous nature of the relationship this service is only available to a selected number of clients. Unfortunately, this means that a coaching programme is subject to availability of our coaches. For current information on availability and possible placement please feel free to contact our practice.

Relationship coaching
Our present life and most importantly: our relationship. Exactly that relationship is what is most valuable when it comes to feeling happy in life. For years, we have been counseling relationships that have been suffering from relationship problems. And with success! The most complex problems do not just ask for specific knowledge and experience, but moreover, a specialist approach combined with great personal care and commitment. This does not come easy! Self-reflection and communication are essential to improve your relationship. We offer an active approach during the relationship-coaching course. We will commit to you in order to get your relationship back on track. We offer an inspiring clarity, always in the most respectful manner.

Family Mediation

The development of a child is fundamentally influenced by is environment. A (nasty) divorce can have far-reaching consequences for children with a negative impact on the formation and development in later life. To prevent the situation getting out of hand, De Gooische Praktijk offers support. Ending a marriage the right way for everyone involved ensures your children not to become victims of your separation. Ending your relationship correctly by making proper arrangements will ensure that the children are less affected by the divorce.

Specifically aimed at supporting the child's De Gooische Praktijk has a developed the program "Kinderen Voorop, Children First!". Our practice works exclusively with BIG registered psychologists who have completed their education as a registered mediator. Together with our professionals, parents are able to work on restoring trust and communication. The starting point is to ensure that children suffer as little as possible from the separation by having an optimal contact with both parents.

Programme Kinderen Voorop! (Children First!)

  • Voluntary and motivation of the parents to reach agreements
  • Drawing up a parenting plan under the responsibility of the parents
  • Revision time to ensure the sustainability of the agreements

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